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Welcome to Red Mountain Wellness!

Our offerings are created and carefully curated by Deborah Redmond, MA LMFT, wellness professional for over 30 years. Some are taught by Deborah and some by Patrick Redmond, wellness professional for over 20 years. Please read the brief description of each program below. Then, to learn even more about an offering, select/click on that offering title.

Red Mountain Evolved Pilates: aka DRT Dynamic Resilience Training® 

50-minute 1-on-1 sessions on Pilates Equipment offered with flexible scheduling by appointment. These sessions can be in person at our Oceanside studio and/or online via FaceTime. Taught by Patrick. He has taught over 20,000 sessions; has worked with clients from over 100 different backgrounds; and has helped clients heal/manage over 100 different physical limitations/body conditions. DRT: Strong, Long, And Lean. A Great-Feeling Back. And No More Jelly Belly.


Mental Health Counseling: Individuals/Couples/Teens/Groups

Deborah Redmond, MA LMFT, Yoga Psychology Specialist has over 30 years experience helping people make positive and lasting life changes.  Accepting/Billing CIGNA Insurance. Other insurers pending. 


SlimBounding®: CardioDance Program on Bungee Cord Rebounders

You can buy our videos online and/or schedule 1-on-1 SlimBounding® sessions with Patrick in person at our Oceanside studio and/or online via FaceTime. He started teaching SlimBounding® in 2012 has taught over 2,000 sessions.


Red Mountain Yoga Classes

Deborah has created and taught Yoga classes for over 25 years.  She has trained Yoga teachers and managed our Yoga studios. Patrick started teaching Yoga classes in 1999 and has helped Deborah in our Yoga Instructor Training Programs and studio management. We are not currently offering Group Yoga Classes at our studio. Instead, we are working behind the scenes to produce and offer videos of our Yoga classes online. In the meantime, you are welcome to work 1-on-1 with Deborah to learn and perform our Yoga Class Sequences or she will create Personalized Yoga Sequences specifically designed for you.


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