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United HealthCare/UBH

Deborah Redmond MA

CA Licensed MFT30421

PA Licensed MF000289

FL Licensed MT 4226

  • Highly Experienced LMFT 20+ Years

  • Mindfulness Based Therapy 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Brief Term Therapy

  • Family Systems Therapy

  • Yoga Psychology Specialist

  • Teens, Adults, Seniors

  • Individuals, Couples, Groups

  • Release Depression

  • Calm Anxiety

  • Secure HIPAA Compliant Video/Audio

  • California, Florida, Pennsylvania

Deborah Phone/Text 760-529-1313

Or Email

Office Manager Patrick 760-529-6493

Space 2 Thrive


Hi, I am Deborah and I warmly invite you to share in the amazing possibilities that psychotherapy has to offer.

Psychotherapy can teach you tools to live a richer, more rewarding life. It can provide a
space to work through hurts, regrets, missed opportunities, and towards future goals. It
can provide a space to grieve, heal, express, and learn.

Psychotherapy can be instrumental in recovery from challenges of mind and heart
including depression, anxiety, fear, mood swings, stress, low self-esteem, and life
transitions. It can help you heal from victimization, violence, and trauma. It can make
heartbreak understandable, tolerable and even growth-producing.

It can provide the foundation for creating new healthier relationships based on respect, trust, healthy compromise, and compassion. It can take an ordinary life and make it extraordinarily rich and purposeful.

Our sessions will provide you with a safe haven. A space to be, share, learn and grow. A space to make mistakes without judgment or criticism. And when we both agree you are ready, a space to be challenged, nudged and guided closer to your own defined goals.


A Space to Thrive!


I have worked as a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Philadelphia, and San Diego.


I am experienced in numerous orientations including Family Systems, Mindfulness and Yoga Based Therapy, Brief Term Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


I work with Teens, Adults, Couples, and Groups. Whatever your gender, orientation, culture, and/or race, it will be embraced. For me, the relationship, our relationship is the most important aspect of our work together.

Our first session includes reviewing your completed paperwork, discussing what brought you here, and possibly more.

Take good care,


Call Me Directly 760-529-1313 

Or Email

Red Mountain Wellness

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