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Yoga Psychology Training

For Mental Health Professionals

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1999 Yoga Instructor Training
 Philadelphia PA

The ancient Yogis, with their deep and discriminative wisdom, understood the challenges of the human condition and developed a testable, sophisticated, effective, and practical model of psychology. They identified the causes of suffering - including addiction, mood disorders, character challenges, self esteem issues, and relationship difficulties - and offered a holistic path to overcome obstacles and create a graceful, peaceful life of acceptance and  strength.


An authoritative source of the science and practices of Yoga Psychology is the seminal text: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. These terse aphorisms, compiled sometime around 400 BC, are uncanny in their understanding of  the human mind, modern life, and its trials and tribulations. Patanjali explains why we suffer and gives us explicit, timeless instruction on how to heal.


You can learn how to integrate these timeless tools into your practice as a Mental Health Professional.         To learn more, please select/click the icons.

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